It’s box day!


It’s here! I don’t know who’s more excited me or Luna!  After two years of public school we are going back to our roots. The Oak Meadow 5th Grade Curriculum looks awesome, it’s so beautiful. We totally freaked out when the package arrived, it’s really exciting!  I guess in Homeschooling lingo it’s called box day 🙂


I love that Oak Meadow embraces each child’s unique learning style!  The curriculum is created to nurture the hearts and minds of everyone who embarks on the homeschooling journey – even frazzled mamas!


Through OM we have discovered that Luna is a visual learner, an artist, she loves the arts sooooo much and OM gives her the opportunity to express herself fully with no restrictions!  We have watched her confidence literally soar!


I will do a review as we delve deeper into the assignments!

Do you homeschool? Unschool? What are your experiences?


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