VEEPS! vegan peeps! AHHHHHHH ♥

image__54608.1423597784.1280.1280what’s a vegan mama to do when easter shows up and the little ones want to “try” peeps!!? the candy aisle isn’t much fun for vegan kiddos especially around the holidays because pretty much everything has either cows milk, gelatin or crushed beetles in it! last year we dropped the ball so last minute we had to make our own easter bunnies at home – they actually came out great!  check out these cute easter ideas …

okay so this year I’m am super excited because i have found a vegan alternative to peeps!! i stumbled across sweet & sara (based in Long Island City) on instagram and to my complete amazement they have every marshmallow treat you could wish for – smores, rice crispy treats, mini marshmallows for cereal, veeps skipper & sunny aka vegan peeps! AHHHHH so awesome! and completely gelatin free – BOOM!

if you are looking for chocolate bunnies and eggs that are out of this world amazing then you might want to check out Sjaaks their chocolate is the vegan bomb!  chocolate bunnies filled with fruity bears, chocolate bunnies in a basket, peanut butter filled bunnies, tubs of chocolate eggs … this blog is making me hungry!

this year my usual go to moo free chocolates have introduced two new egg flavors Cheeky Chops chocolate orange and Rosie Rabbits honeycomb toffee! I cannot wait to get my hands on these!

or you could make your own … when easter snuck up on us last year my hubby went online and ordered bunny molds and a ton of vegan chocolate and we made our own.

and these just about topped it off for me – finally we can dye eggs thanks to eggnots – cute name huh? great for those with egg allergies or if you are vegan – now we can join in the egg coloring fun! if you don’t want to splash out on the eggnots then wooden eggs work as an alternative.

Don’t forget the egg hunt … grab some plastic eggs and chuck in some vegan candy, stickers and chocolate then hide them around the garden.  and the great thing you can reuse the eggs each year :).

what cute ideas do you have for easter?







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