chocolate = happiness


Chocolate sometimes gets a bad rap but I am here to clear its name …

and make myself feel better since I’m addicted to it! Here are 3 reasons why I call chocolate my happy pill …

It boosts serotonin levels which help with depression and when you are feeling crappy!

 It releases phenethylamine which makes you feel happy and alert!  The same thing is released in your body when you fall in love! aka The love drug 🙂

Chocolate also contains a fat called anandamide (which comes from the Sanskrit word “Ananda”, which means peaceful bliss) which causes dopamine production. Dopamine makes you feel awesome some may even say blissful. Wow, that makes sense!

 just a heads up :- you do not get the same benefits from milk chocolate – grab the dark (which is almost always vegan), organic fair trade variety 🙂 ♥ 

Some of my faves…

Endangered species
Theo dark chocolate
GoMaxgo chocolate bars (vegan alternatives of your fave candy bars)
MooFree chocolates (chocolate bars, easter eggs + xmas chocci’s)

ps:- those little teeth marks belong to my little man – he grabbed the bar and ran btw the bar is chocolove’s raspberries in dark chocolate

blissful hugs!


What’s your fave vegan chocolate?

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