cruelty-free doo’s

I’m excited to review another awesome cruelty-free fun find in Columbus OH …  Virtue Salon is a cruelty-free hair salon + barber (the barber part is called Vice).  All products + treatments are cruelty-free + VEGAN ♥
It’s so quaint inside – the moment we walked in the door they offered us a cup of tea!  Being a Brit that warmed my cockles especially since it was snowing outside … Aaron got his hair sorted by the Barber (not of Fleet Street thankfully) which is set back in the middle of the salon, while baby L hugged everyone in sight.  Everyone was awesome + super friendly!  The Barber gave Aaron some amazing vegan hair product called Thermafuse …
And to TOP it off they had Patty Cake Bakery (check out my last blog post) cookies at the front desk – yummy. Fun. Love Columbus.

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