How to make a Thanksgiving Tree ♥


Wanna show the paper bags in your cupboard how “thankful” you are for them?  Ever wondered what to do with all those paper bags?  We recycle ours into leaves for our Thanksgiving Tree. It started as a fun idea when Luna was a baby and has become a family tradition that we look forward to every year!  We have created lots of trees big and small but for the past three years we decided to just add new leaves to the same tree – and let me tell you it’s getting pretty full at this point! :).  I love this lil’ tradition so much because it gives my littles a chance to express themselves by writing down what they are thankful for – and some of their answers are hysterical!  They have an absolute blast decorating the leaves, Luna and my niece Tallulah didn’t want to stop creating leaves last year!  If your kids are too little to write on the leaves you can ask them what they are thankful for and then write it down for them.  For example last year our little one Lander said he was thankful for “happy” and “tea” :). Once I had written them out for him he really enjoyed scribbling all over his leaves!  I think it’s nice for kids to see what their parents are thankful for too – so get to scribbling ya’ll!  

How to create your own thanksgiving tree …

 Draw the outline of a tree with many empty branches big or small it’s up to you!
♥ Cut out your tree and lay it on the floor ready for the leaves.
Cut out a leaf template and use it to make as many leaves as you want.
♥ Write what you are Thankful for on your leaves (help littles) and then decorate them!
Stick the leaves onto your tree!  Put it on display – we have ours in our dining room.  It’s as simple as that!

love + hugs XO

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