peace, love + cabbage


who doesn’t like a bratwurst smothered in mustard, onions, ketchup + sauerkraut?!  i know i do.  but did you know that sauerkraut is packed with fermented goodness? it’s loaded with probiotics (basically good bacteria) that keep your gut healthy which keeps your immune system healthy yay!  it contains mucho vitamin c.  the sauerkraut that i’m raving about here is not the kind you find in a can that’s packed with sodium it’s the stuff at the health food store that sits in the refrigerated section.  Fab Ferments is my fav 

have you made your own sauerkraut?  if so I would love to hear about it!  my only fermented adventure thus far is kombucha and that’s another blog post!

peace, love + cabbage



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