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“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each” ~ Henry David Thoreau.
This weekend the clocks go back and the nights will become longer. It will officially start to feel like winter. Less sunlight means cold and flu season… It also means that it’s the perfect time for me to stock up our “natural remedies” cupboard! As I picked up our black elderberry today I thought that I would share some of our basic winter wellness tips with you… Of course this is not medical advice, I’m just a mama who is interested in holistic health;).
+ wash your hands – sounds obvious, but it really is the best way to stay well in the winter months!
+ black elderberry – it’s an amazing immunity booster.  You can make your own from elder berries and elder flowers, something I would like to try…
+ vitamin D – you need it all year round but in the winter months it protects you from flu and colds
+ Good ol’ vitamin C
+ onion and garlic – we make garlic bread and put the garlic on raw!
+ probiotics – boosts immune system, fermented foods also contain probiotics.  I give both my kiddos probiotics 🙂
+ green smoothies
+ juicing
+ astragalus – protects and supports the immune system
+ echinacea – used to treat colds and flu
+ zinc
+ omega 3’s
+ kombucha – you can make your own, that’s a future blog;)
+ neti pot – we use the same one as the famous Karaoke singer SI 😉
+ herbal teas – boost immune system, warm your cockles + keep you hydrated!
What are your favorite natural remedies/immunity boosters?  I would love to hear them!
Be well!
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