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So I recently drove myself crazy trying to find a non-toxic mattress!  After purchasing a platform style king size bed we realized that a king size mattress was going to be very expensive especially a non-toxic, chemical free, organic one ;-).
Most new mattresses contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, and chemical fire retardants that give off gasses (off gas) that can cause skin irritations and respiratory problems.  Not what you want to be inhaling all night – the average person spends one-third of their life sleeping.  Children and babies especially spend a good amount of hours in bed.
We found a king size futon mattress (we love futons) for a really good price, figuring that being on a budget a futon mattress would have less harmful chemicals than a regular mattress and at a good price …  NOPE, it reeked of toxic fumes.  We even aired it out in the sun for 2 days but it was still off gassing.  We co-sleep and there was no way we were going to let our baby’s sleep on that mattress – it smelt REALLY bad.  We sent it back and got a refund.  The woman on the phone apologized and mentioned that other people had called saying that their mattress smelled like formaldehyde … YIKES!  back to the drawing board …
There are quite a few options for natural/almost natural mattresses, latex, wool, organic cotton, STRAW – yep we even went there.  We were so desperate to have an affordable non-toxic mattress so we researched the cheapest option and making your own straw mattress is what we found.  It was actually quite fascinating and looked pretty comfortable check it out here

We didn’t go with the straw mattress, changing the straw out every 6 months seemed like a bit of a task for us …  We decided to go with White Lotus Bedding organic bedding made here in the USA (suggested to us by friends).  Even though they gave us a good deal it was more than we had budgeted but we LOVE our mattress, it came wrapped in organic cotton ties and is so comfy.  Sleeping chemical free is AWESOME and well worth the price :-).

Options on a budget :-
Ikea’s latex mattresses are fairly non-toxic and reasonably priced.
You could get a second hand mattress (not most peoples cup of tea but a good way to prevent off-gassing).
Make your own – there are websites that sell what you need you just have to put it together.
Use an encasement or a mattress topper.Please post any other tips below – thank you!Hope that helps if you are going crazy looking for a non-toxic mattress!xo

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