Getting a bun in your oven ♥


Why does getting pregnant cause some of us major stress and frustration?  About 1 in 7 couples have trouble getting pregnant.  Did you know that what you EAT and your environment can affect your chances of getting a bun in the oven?Check out these tidbits on how to get a baby a brewing + how to green up your little ones first home (your belly) in the process.  Before you know it you’ll be up to your elbows in dirty diapers and the only facials you’ll be getting will be from the steam in your dishwasher

 green up your life by avoiding toxins + chemicals.  avoid putting them on your skin.  your skin is the largest organ in your body and soaks up everything you put onto it!  buy cruelty-free, non-toxic make-up and skincare.  avoid ingesting toxins – eat organic produce to reduce consuming pesticides.  you can find my guide to the “dirty dozen” here!  swap out your cleaning products for earth-friendly, non-toxic alternatives – or make your own.

 consider taking a prenatal vitamin way before you even conceive.  that way before baby even gets onboard you can enjoy a boost in nutrition, radiant hair and skin that glows.

 you are what you eat.  chuck out the processed food.  find alternatives to white sugar, white bread and bleached white flour.  eat organic + local.  try to incorporate whole grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit and good fats like avocado + chia seeds into your diet.  whilst we are on the subject of throwing more nutritious food onto our plates have you tried green smoothies yet?  

 Here are some key nutrients for fertility :- folic acid, vitamin B12, selenium, zinc, calcium …

 Soak up the sunshine!  vitamin D is good for making babies

Learn to RELAX – stress is not your friend if you are trying to get knocked up!

Give caffeine the boot!

Research alternative medicine techniques like acupuncture + chiropractic.

 Did you know that yoga may boost fertility and help prepare your body for pregnancy?

Make drinking water your new best friend.

Happy baby-making!


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