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when I saw Julia Cameron’s new book at my local bookstore i took a photo of it with the intention of buying it later…  i was totally shocked when the book store manager told me that the book was FREE!  what?!  i couldn’t believe it.   she said that the book wasn’t even available yet and that she had displayed it to see if it conjured up any interest.  her plan was to give it to the first person who picked it up!  and that was me!  SWEET!

i’m a fan of Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way so i  was thrilled to be one of the first peeps to read her newest book The Artists Way for Parents :-).  it’s due out in August and i highly recommend it if  like me you try to inspire creativity in your kids.  the best part is that Luna was participating in a poetry class at the bookstore where I found it ;-).
Here are 5 simple ways to inspire creativity in your kids
+ encourage them to play (LOTS) and watch their imaginations run wild.
+ make music (you can make instruments out of pots and pans, recycling etc).
+ make recycled craft projects (robots, musical instruments, castles, furniture for dolls).
+dance, sing and be silly!
+have paints, paper (you can use old paper bags), crayons, felt, yarn, canvas’s and clay available for creating masterpieces.
If your kids see you being creative they will be inspired to be creative too!  what do you love to do?  Do you find time to do it:?
Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. – Pablo Picasso
How do you inspire creativity in your kids?

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