My New Book Is OUT!!

OMGoodness!  I’m so excited, the book I’ve been working on for 7 years (yep 7 years) between being a mama and good ol’ procrastination is finally in print – well sort of.  It’s available on Amazon Kindle.  When I was a wee lil one I used to charge my friends a £1.00 to read my books – and they wrote me reviews too.  Wow that was actually quite a bit of cashola for those days :-).  Anyhoo, please consider purchasing my book for friends who are preggers especially if they are crunchy, eco-conscious, or vegan mamas-to-be and even if their not it’s super inspiring with loads of positive pregnancy tips from myself and my mama friends. There’s even a chapter in there for the new mama with tips on postpartum stuff like breastfeeding and getting your new mama flow  …

If you do grab a copy, let me know what you think in the comments below or on my FB page or you could write me a glowing review – I know I’m cheeky :-).

love + hugs xo

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