I LOVE this lil’ GREEN

I can’t believe that I totes missed National Kale Day …  Kale is my absolute fav veg …  it’s packed with nutrients, just one cup of raw KALE gives you mucho calcium and iron and lots
of vitamins C, A + K!


So here goes, check out my top tips for enjoying kale – lets show this lil’ green some LOVE …
+ Add a handful of raw kale to your smoothie aka a green smoothie
+ Sauté kale in Earth Balance, onion + garlic
+ Toss it into your salad, raw kale + avocado salad is delish
+ Enjoy it, steamed, sautéed, dehydrated or raw
+ Throw it into ya soup
+ Have you tried kale chips yet?  They are all the rage ;-)+ Use your kale leaf as a burrito tortilla – yep you heard right, you’re not going crazy … okay, so that might take some convincing, but it’s actually really tasty!
How do you eat your kale?  Pretty please send any tasty recipes my way 🙂


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