What the heck is EFT Tapping?


Have you guys heard of Tapping?  Also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). If this is already sounding a little woo woo then hold on to your knickers because it’s going to sound a whole lot stranger as we go on lol. But, hang with me a minute because if you have anxiety, addiction or weight loss struggles, chronic pain and the list goes on … then tapping might provide you with the tools you need to “tap” into your bodies power to heal itself :).

I stumbled across Tapping around 6 years ago, I was feeling stressed and anxious because of a situation I found myself not completely inside of, but it was affecting me none the less, and not in a positive way. Tapping helped me stay balanced and diffuse any negative vibes coming my way. I’m sure if anyone saw me Tapping they probably thought what the heck is she doing tapping on her face and body like that?  lol.  But you know what it worked for me, so I just kept on doing it :).

So how does it work?  I am no expert on Tapping but it’s kind of like acupuncture because it stimulates your bodies energy flow through meridian points. You tap on these meridian points whilst saying positive affirmations. The difference is there are no needles with Tapping, you can do this yourself and it’s FREE.  Heck even kids can do it to relieve stress :).  Are you guys still with me?

The reason I’m sharing this with you guys is because The Tapping Solution are having their 9th annual Tapping World Summit right now and its free. Nick Ortner is the founder of the Tapping Solution (where I got my introduction to Tapping) and he’s amazing at explaining the benefits of Tapping along with his sister Jessica who’s an expert and Author on EFT Tapping. I did the Tapping World Summit 5 years ago and it was extremely empowering.

If this has intrigued you and you want to find out more, here’s the link to the event.


Have you guys ever tried Tapping? If so, did it help?

Love + Happiness