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will travel for yummies …

Patty Cake Bakery rocks my world …  I can no longer keep it all to myself – so here goes, I’m sharing …


My New Book Is OUT!!

OMGoodness!  I’m so excited, the book I’ve been working on for 7 years (yep 7 years) between being a mama and good …


cloth vs disposable

What diapers are BEST?!  Below is an excerpt (and first peek) from my book Positive Mama-To-Be (release date … very very SOON!!) …


cheezy vegetable pasta

have you tried the Meatless Mondays idea?  if you have and are into it then here is another easy peasy meatless recipe …


Meatless Mondays

I’ve been meaning to start a Monday post called Meatless Mondays …  It’s an easy way to incorporate meatless meals into your …


Gorgeous tresses and radiant skin

who doesn’t want healthy radiant skin and hair?  try these beauty-boosting DIY treatments to get your skin and hair a glowin’ just …


chemical free and cozy

So I recently drove myself crazy trying to find a non-toxic mattress!  After purchasing a platform style king size bed we realized …


the dirty dozen

organic produce snuck into my life when I found out that I was pregnant.